30+ Diseases can be Cured with this Simple Acupressure Points..

Acupressure is safely administered by rubbing small circles around or tapping a specific point with a finger.  Pressure or tapping should be light and soothing, and the length of time can be 10-30 seconds..

Large Intestine (li 4)

On the top of the hand, in the web between the thumb and pointer finger.





Liver (lv 3)

On the top of the foot, in the depression between the big toe and the second toe about ½ inch up on a child and an inch up on an adult.


Wrist (pc 6)

Three finger breadths above the inside crease of the wrist, right between the two central tendons.



Stomach (st 36)

Four finger breadths below the bottom of the knee cap and one finger breadth off the outside border of the shin bone.



Head (du 20)

On the midline of the head, approximately on the midpoint of a line connecting the tip of both ears.



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